Four Questions with Christopher Gabriel

Christopher Gabriel is a multimedia artist who wears the hats of radio 
Christopher Gabrieltalk show host, writer, humorist, voiceover artist and classically trained actor. Christopher is also the host of the cleverly named Christopher Gabriel Program on AM 970 WDAY in Fargo, North Dakota. You can hear him weekdays from 11am to 2pm.

Note: Christopher is also married to me. Our 16th wedding anniversary is July 16th so it seemed fitting to run this interview today.

How do you make your day-to-day life a little greener?

It all comes down to the little things. For example, at work I try to be conscious of how much paper I’m using. Specifically, doing two-sided copying and making sure to throw away all used paper in my recycle box under my desk. We use a lot of paper for show prep and it’s all too easy to just toss it in the garbage when a particular story is finished. Well, it’s just as easy to carry it back down the hall and toss it in the aforementioned recycle box. Even things like water – using my Sigg bottle rather than buying up every plastic bottle of water in sight.

Your website,, is powered by Taproot a green web host. How important is renewable energy to you?

It’s very important. Again, it’s the little things…but all these little things add up to big changes both in the way we live and the quality of life we improve around us. Renewable energy is an investment in our future that will pay off down the road in ways Bernie Madoff couldn’t understand. That is to say, everyone makes out in the short run and everyone makes out over the long haul. No one gets duped and no one ends up bemoaning anything. A company like Taproot – they do things the right way for the area they’re based (Portland, OR) in. By investing, as it were, with them, I’m helping sustain them. They, in turn, are allowed to maintain as a company and subsequently increase their own clean and green footprint thereby lessening another company’s carbon footprint.

You’ve had some amazing guests on The Christopher Gabriel Program from Bob Costas to James Denton and all points in between. One of my favorite environmentalists, Adam Shake, was on earlier this week. What are you hoping your listening audience takes away from a segment like that?

Knowledge, and a more willing attitude to see things from a different point of view. A willingness to consider…merely consider…the possibility that trying to do even just a little bit will go a long way toward making this a healthier planet. One that is better for us in the present, and one that is better for our children in the future. If we don’t strive to find common ground – “we” meaning both skeptics and believers in things like climate change – we’re no better off than a couple of feuding families that carry on being disagreeable with one another out of misguided principle.

As you aspire to live a more sustainable lifestyle, what has been one of your biggest challenges?

Following the 37 pages of green rules and regulations you’ve left more me in every imaginable location of our home. Ok, I’m exaggerating. It’s 32 pages. The biggest challenge for me trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle is weening myself off of plastic. I grew up with plastic…it’s long been my friend, my pal, my comfort. Late night snack? Grab a plastic plate so I don’t have to wash a dish. How about a beverage to go with the snack? That lovely plastic cup is smiling at me saying “Come on baby…I’m cool…nothing wrong with using me to hold a little refreshing iced tea…and you know what…you can just toss me out, I’m good with that…” One man’s plastic is another man’s cocaine. It may seem silly, but getting over my addiction to plastic has to be tantamount to quitting smoking.

By the way, Happy Anniversary.


  1. Becky’s avatar

    Great interview! (And happy anniversary!!)

  2. terri’s avatar

    I’ve heard of this Christopher Gabriel guy before. I’ve seen and heard some of his work. He’s pretty entertaining! 😉

    Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  3. Oscar’s avatar

    Happy anniversary!

    I listen in occasionally!

    We here at the tavern tune in.

  4. Lance McDaniel’s avatar

    We are so lucky to have you both in our community!
    So thankful for that.
    I’m trying to change little things when I can to be more responsible for my imprint on the planet, it is tough to change but little by little it can be done.
    Thanks for a great site and great segment on the CG show!

    Moon Dog


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