Four Questions with Brandon McEachern

by Wendy Gabriel

Brandon McEachern is one of the creative minds behind Broccoli City, a Brandon McEachernLos Angeles-based organic lifestyle brand that promotes positive thinking and living, particularly about the Green Movement.

How do you make your day-to-day life a little greener?

We wear Broccoli City, and are conscious of the environment daily. I personally recycle at home, and try to always cut the lights out of every room I leave. It is our belief that going “green” is a process that is catching on in our communities, and we committed to helping in that process. For example, we believe in our product so our team wears it. But because we can’t only wear Broccoli City, it’s opened our consciousness to other products. Now when we purchase an item, we look at the labels, when we shopping, we read what’s in the products. We are by no means “tree-huggers” on the subject, but we are all learning, growing and changing because of our goal to educate.

At Broccoli City, you use a water-based ink in printing your 100% organic cotton t-shirts. How are your inks “greener” than traditional solvent based inks?

We use green ink on the most of our shirts, however because we put a huge emphasis on style we are unable to use this process on all designs and colors. This process is call sublimation, and blends water and soy inks. Every BC shirt unless noted is 100% organic cotton.

On your website you say: There is a lack of education in the urban/hip-hop community about the “go green” movement. Broccoli City breaks all barriers and is the educating factor. What are some of the ways Broccoli City is educating people about the “go green” movement?

The way we educate is through leading by example first, second we use social networks to encourage others to be conscious of the way you are living mentally as well as physically. Also blogging and viral videos educate also, we also do events where we pass out information on the green movement, eating healthy, etc… Our goal is two-fold, we certainly want people to become more green conscious, but in addition to that, we want people to be aware of the latest fads, videos, and current affairs, we host events, we work in our communities, we are at schools, colleges and the government, but also parties, and clubs- We want people to be educated about the environment, but in the same thread, be aware that knowledge is key, and learning is “fly”.

What has been your biggest challenge staying fly everyday but also being conscientious of our earth?

As I stated in the previous question, it’s a challenge especially for the urban community, because of the lack of information about what being green is all about but on the other hand it is fly to be organic. When we say “organic” it means more to us then going green, it has more to do with being yourself and being original in everything you do., … All we ask is to at least wear and buy 100% cotton, no nylon or rayon blends. BC believes although we are one of the few urban brands that have gone organic but many are soon to follow.


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