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by Wendy Gabriel

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GREEN TIP: With winter fast approaching, take time to ensure that your indoor air is healthy.

Everything that’s in our home makes up our indoor air quality. The materials we’ve used to build our house, the paint on our walls, our furniture; all the pieces that make our house a home can potentially be harmful to our health.

Pollution from power plants, cars, and other transportation is a well-known contributor to outdoor air pollution, but our indoor air quality is often worse; it can be up to 10 times worse for you than the air outside. Microbial pollutants like mold, pet dander and plant pollen can combine with chemicals like radon and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to create a pretty toxic environment in your home; since we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors and 65% of our time inside our homes, according to the National Safety Council, that can add up to allergies, asthma and worse.


Some ways to keep your indoor air healthy:

  • Maintain proper ventilation.
  • Keep known pollutants out of your home. Make sure the products you are buying do not contain contaminants.
  • Clean your home with green cleaning products.
  • Garden and take care of your lawn without using pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. These toxic chemicals can be tracked into your home on shoes, clothes or paws.
  • Use common houseplants, such as bamboo palms and spider plants, to improve your indoor air quality.

My Green Side’s weekly website pick:

The Grass Stain Guru
The founder of The Grass Stain Guru, Bethe Almeras, believes that nature is the best therapist and teacher any of us will ever have, and that the magic of childhood should be rooted there, and the peace of adulthood is waiting there. It’s not only in nature, but the connections we make with ourselves, and each other, when we slow down long enough to notice the beauty around us and simply play.

The Grass Stain Guru is a blog about restoring childhood, and saving ourselves in the process.

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  1. Naomi Sachs’s avatar

    Indoor plants do more than just clean the air. They also lift our spirits. Here’s an article on how more plants = increased job satisfaction in the workplace,, and another about a study in which plants improved patients’ recovery after surgery: Which reminds me: Time to bring my tender rosemary and lemon verbena in for the winter!


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