Mighty Nest is a Mighty Site

by Wendy Gabriel

I just discovered an awesome new website. And, no it’s not Twilight Earth where I Mighty Nestrecently became a contributing writer… a dream come true… but I digress. It’s a site aptly named, Mighty Nest, and it promises: simple choices, mighty impact and since we’re all about the Simple Tips here at My Green Side, I was hooked at the tagline.

A little background. Mighty Nest is the creation of husband and wife team Chris and Kristen Conn who were incredibly frustrated by the amount of research they had to do to make sure their first child was safe from toxins in their home. Not only did they have to research each chemical but then they had to scour the web to find safe products. They decided they would create a better way… and MightyNest was born.

This is basically the same reason many blogs were started, including My Green Side, only they went us one better. They don’t just blog about it, they give you all the information, shopping and blogs all in one place.

MightyNest.com consists of three sections:

LEARNING: A collection of carefully selected articles from a variety of trusted sources combined with original content. This section is a resource center for parents, intended to shorten their learning curve and save them time. Articles are organized by topic (e.g. Building a Healthy Nursery, Cleaning the Healthy Way) or concern (e.g. BPA, Phthalates, Lead) making it easier for them to find what they need. Parents can also find tips on simple and effective ways to create a healthier home for their families.

SHOPPING: An online store offering products that are not only non-toxic and eco-friendly, but also unique and well designed. Parents can learn more about each product through a combination of user and expert product reviews. At launch, MightyNest features a selection of products from more than 30 companies including Plan Toys, W.S. Badger Company, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Mod Green Pod, Klean Kanteen, Snack Taxi, Mimi The Sardine, Green to Grow, Naturepedic, Chapter One Organics, Kinderville and more. And they promise to continuously add products and new companies that meet their standards.

BLOGGING: A compilation of blogs bringing together parents with various points of view to discuss the rewards and challenges of providing a healthy home for their families.

“Our dream is for MightyNest to be a place where people feel motivated and empowered to make changes, not discouraged and judged,” said Chris Conn, co-founder, MightyNest. “We truly believe that everyone can make simple choices that have a mighty impact on the people they love and as a result, on the world around them.”

I know where I’ll be headed the next time I have a questions about providing a healthy environment for my little ones. I’ll see you there.


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