DrGreene.com and Me

by Wendy Gabriel

Dr. Alan Greene and his wife, Cheryl Greene, are two of my favorite people I haven’t yet DrGreene.commet in person (although my parents met Dr. Greene at an organic farming conference and said he’s just as wonderful in person). 

Dr. Greene gratiously agreed to be a part of my Four Questions series. Here’s the three-part interview I did with him:

  • Four Questions with Dr. Alan Greene: Part I
  • Four Questions with Dr. Alan Greene: Part II
  • Four Questions with Dr. Alan Greene: Part III
    Now for the really exciting part, they’ve asked me to write for the Perspective blog series they have at DrGreene.com!

    Part 1 of a five part series was published today. Here’s the link: Simple Green Tip #1: Green Eating. If you get a chance, would love to have you click over and give it a read (and leave a comment if you feel like it).

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    1. graceonline’s avatar

      Congratulations, Wendy! Looking forward to seeing more posts over there.


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