Prairie Roots Food Cooperative – Fargo

“When the root is strong the fruit is sweet.” ~Bob Marley

Christopher and I became founding members of the Prairie Roots Food Cooperative this evening. After an event of information via emcee Dr. Gretchen Harvey and many other amazing people, entertainment from Sarah Morrau, drinks courtesy of the Fargo Beer Company and appetizers from the Green Market Kitchen, I was hooked. Of course, they had me at hello… when we moved to Fargo almost three years ago I was extremely disappointed that we didn’t have a food co-op in the area. Since that time finding healthy organic food for my family has become like a scavenger hunt. I find a few things here and a few things there. I’m unbelievably excited that a food co-op is so close to becoming a reality.

As local organic farmer, Mark Askegaard, succinctly put it: “Good food is not processed food”, and we need to “bring a sense of social justice back to our food system”.

Prairie Roots Food Cooperative is dedicated to building a healthy community by providing access to natural, organic and locally produced food and you can become a member-owner too. For more information, visit and join me in making a difference in our community.



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