An Energy Star Essay From My Daughter

For a variety of reasons, we decided to homeschool our oldest daughter this year, she just turned nine years old and is in 3rd grade. Our education philosophy has been to take it one year at a time. Her school career so far has been private school, homeschool, public school and, this year, homeschool again. Christopher and I are such believers in giving our children the tools to have a successful life. We want them to embrace the learning process, always ask questions, connect with our natural world and find their passion.

I discovered a great assignment through Big Green Purse’s blog: Team Energy Star, the Environmental Protection Agency’s program to teach kids about energy efficiency, is holding an essay contest for kids. The essay will give her a chance to show what she knows about saving energy, practice writing and maybe win a prize.

Here’s her essay and illustration:

My family tries to save energy. Thanks to my mom, we really know when we are using it too much. We have a rain barrel, compost bins, we turn off lights, we use CFLs, we have solar lights outside, we don’t let the water run when we brush our teeth, we have a programmable thermostat and we recycle, to name a few things.

I thought it would be a little hard to find another way to save energy in our house. I looked at to get some ideas.

I decided to look at our dryer in our laundry room. I found out there is not an Energy Star label for clothes dryers because most of them use about the same amount of energy. The Energy Star site had a tip to “air dry clothes whenever possible”. I decided we should get a clothesline to save electricity from drying our clothes. If the Lorax can save energy then I bet we can save energy too!

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  1. Anne’s avatar

    This is great. I especially love the illustration with the Lorax and the clothesline.

  2. Pat Pobst’s avatar

    This is amazing Caleigh!!


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