E-Cloth (Review)

Sometimes I come across a product that I know I will love, sight unseen. That was the case with e-cloths from mycleaningcloths.com. The company approached me about reviewing one of their products and, after reading about their products, I was sold. But, to provide a fair review, I have been using my e-cloth (kitchen cloth) daily for over two weeks. Well, except for one brief day after I had washed it and thought I lost it… it was found in my daughter’s doll house. Apparently, it looked like the perfect bath towel for her doll. E-Cloth

I am always encouraging non-toxic cleaning for the health of our families and the environment. The e-cloth is the ultimate chemical free cleaning product. You just use water. I don’t have to worry about my daughter’s helping me clean with it (or “dry” their dolls with it) because there aren’t any toxic chemicals on the e-cloth.

Here’s why you should use e-cloth:

  • Chemical free cleaning. There are no toxic cleaning products needed, you just use water. And a recent study conducted by the Silliker Group showed that (using just water) e-cloths removed over 99% of bacteria, locking them away inside the cloths’ fibers, where they stay until the cloths are rinsed. For more information about the study, visit http://www.mycleaningcloths.com/what-is-e-cloth/. And, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), most common store-bought cleaning products that are stored under kitchen or bathroom sinks contain ingredients that are considered hazardous waste.
  • Saves you money. The cloth takes the place of paper towels, disposable sponges, etc. and you don’t need to purchase a myriad of cleaning products because you just use water with the e-cloth.
  • Saves you time. Just add water and clean.
  • Reduces your waste. You don’t need to purchase disposable cleaning products that just end up in a landfill. According to the EPA, every day 3,000 tons of used paper towels are discarded in landfills. And it takes 51,000 trees per day to replace those paper towels.

I found that the kitchen e-cloth worked great for removing grease and grime on my stove top. It worked beautifully Kitchen e-clothon my counter tops. It made my stainless and sink shine. There is also a scrubbing pocket attached to the e-cloth which was perfect for removing stuck on messes. The e-cloth can also be used dry for dusting.

So, I love it and will continue to use it. I’m also going to purchase the Deep Clean Mop because, frankly, I’m tired of cleaning my floors on my hands and knees and I completely trust that the mop will perform like the kitchen e-cloth has performed.

For more information about e-cloths, visit http://www.mycleaningcloths.com/.

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