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On May 25th of this year over 2 million people in more that 50 countries around the world participated in a “March Say NO to GMOsAgainst Monsanto.” I participated in a local event here in Fargo and my friend, Robin Shreeves, wrote about the experience at Mother Nature Network.

The main purpose of the march was to educate people about Monsanto and genetically modified foods. And the momentum continues: “We are going to get involved heavily with the October 12 World Food Day,” said Nick Bernabe, March Against Monsanto’s Social Media Director.

While the details of the October event are still being worked out, the march organizers are helping promote the July 4 Moms Across America March, an event where citizens plan to march in local Independence Day parades nation-wide to show their support for GMO labeling.

Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says no more than 90 days of testing is needed to ensure GMOs safety for human consumption, independent studies of several years continue to make links to major health issues. The FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Foods, Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto lawyer and Monsanto Vice President for Public Policy, the biggest producer of GMOs worldwide, continues to refute the studies. (Source:

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