Piano Lessons and Lullaby Paints (Review)

When we moved to our current home I found a piano on Freecycle.net and had it moved along with our furniture.Playing the piano It has been my hope that one or both of our girls will develop a love of the piano. Both my husband, Christopher, and I play a little and Christopher’s side of the family is full of amazing musicians. His mom is an incredible pianist (she was playing by ear at three!), his dad plays beautifully and his brother is a fantastic jazz drummer. Surely some of those musical genes made it to our children.

So far they both love to play but don’t want to take lessons… They also enjoy making up their own songs to go with a dance or theatrical piece they’re regaling us with, which is wonderful, but composing takes up a lot of paper. To conserve paper and make a permanent spot for writing notes and, if lessons are in their future, to write down practicing schedules, I thought it would be a great idea to paint both inset panels on the face of the piano with chalkboard paint. So when I was given the opportunity to try Lullaby Paints, I jumped at the chance.

A little bit about Lullaby Paints:

  • Lullaby Paints is non-toxic, doesn’t have an odor and contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It’s safe enough that the girls could help me with our chalkboard piano project.
  • Lullaby Paints has 32 amazing colors and they will match other paint samples, color swatches or furniture pieces. Their Chalkboard Paint collection is offered in sixteen colors. The low-sheen finish is ideal for all kinds of chalks and is fully washable to make masterpiece after Preparing to paintmasterpiece after masterpiece.
  • Chalkboard Paints are also available as a kit, including paint (sufficient for a board of thirty square feet with two coats) a roller, tray, chalk and edging tape. And, their safe formula means kids can paint their own chalkboard – perfect for artwork, poetry, or anything their imagination can dream up.
  • The paints were developed without chemicals which have been shown to cause asthma, allergies and eczema in children.
  • Lullaby Paints are safe for use on baby’s walls, cribs and toys. Also safe for pregnant mothers to use.
  • A gallon of Lullaby Paints provides more square feet of coverage than a traditional gallon of paint. One gallon of Lullaby Paints provides 560 sq. ft. of coverage and one gallon of traditional paints provides 375 sq. ft. of coverage.

It was hard to chose the color because there were so many. I finally picked the Chalkboard Paint color Pavarotti which seemed appropriate for inspiring young minds to make beautiful music.


The paint was easy to use, no odor (as promised) and I felt confident that I wasn’t exposing the girls to anything that would adversely impact their health. They even have Healthy Child Healthy World‘s Our pianostamp of approval, which to me means they really are as fabulous as I thought.

The girls were so excited to help and I’m so pleased with the color and how the whole project turned out. I wasn’t able to capture the color as well as I’d hoped in this photo but it’s stunning in person.

For more information about Lullaby Paints, visit http://lullabypaints.com/. To read a great article about why you should avoid conventional paints, especially if you have children, read 5 Unbelievable Facts About the Paint on Your Walls.



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