Photo Friday – The Park

By Wendy Gabriel

Starting today, Friday’s at My Green Side will be Photo Friday! 

I’m going to feature a photo that makes me smile, gives me a chuckle or just forces me to stop and think.  My hope is that it will do the same for you.  And to that end, I want you to share your own thoughts about it – did you smile, did you chuckle, did it make you stop and think or . . . did you sigh and say “well, there’s always next Friday.”

The inspiration for Photo Friday came from Adam Shake’s Photo Sunday at Twilight Earth and Wordless Wednesdays at Drive Fast Take Chances.  Thank you.

Our Favorite Park

Our Favorite Park


The Greek and the Goddesses at the Park

The Greek and the Goddesses at the Park

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  1. Stamford Talk’s avatar

    Yay photos! Pretty park and look at your adorable family!

  2. Wendy Gabriel’s avatar

    Thank you! Stop by every Friday to see new pictures!


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