End Plastic Pollution for Earth Day 2018

Earth Day is April 22nd and the theme this year is “End Plastic Pollution.” According to Denis Hayes, the national organizer of the first Earth Day, in an interview with EcoWatch,  “Until ending “one-way” plastics becomes a political priority around the world, [their manufacture] will continue unabated. Meanwhile, we nevertheless each should “be the change we want to see.” The world produces at least a trillion plastic bags each year. Don’t be part of this gigantic waste stream that makes a one-way trip from the oil well to the dump.”

Earth Day Network has put together “Plastic Pollution Primer and Action Toolkit” a  free downloadable information kit about plastic pollution and what people can do about it as well as a “plastic footprint” calculator.

For more information, visit Earth Day Network here.

Check out this infographic from Printwand for an eye-opening look at plastic water bottles:

Plastic Water Bottle Pollution [Infographic]
SOURCE: https://www.printwand.com/blog/plastic-water-bottle-pollution-effects-facts

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    Although the problem of plastic is grave, the world is rapidly realizing the importance of getting rid of this menace. Plastic bans are being imposed in different parts of the world, at different scales. On top of this, compared to 10 years ago, lots of better degradable alternatives are also present in the market. From stylish clay bottles to a bamboo toothbrush, from degradable plastic bags to cheap cloth bags. And, this is going to get better and better with time.
    Abby recently posted..15 Things India is doing to curb pollution.


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