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by Wendy Gabriel

GREEN TIP: Reduce, reuse and recycle all at once by making your own Halloween costume!

Have you seen the myriad of temporary stores that pop up during the Halloween season?  They are disturbing to me on a number of levels.  First, they are full of plastic and unnatural fiber junk that people use one time and throw away.  Second, I feel they don’t allow our children any creativity to make their own costumes.  When I was little, thinking about and making the costume was what made Halloween fun. 

I challenged my girls this year to think creatively and come up with costume ideas we could make from items we already had around the house or that we could get from a thrift store.  My 18-month-old just looked at me and said “Mama?  Da-DEE?  Nana?  GeeGah!.”  OK, Halloween isn’t for everyone. 

My five-year-old, on the other hand, embraced the plan wholeheartedly.  She sketched for days coming up with some very unique costumes, finally settling on… an Apple Fairy.  We may have to modify the original plan somewhat because it included using many of Grandpa’s organic apples, the leaves and the trees.  She stopped short of the tractor.  Nevertheless, she’s loving the process. 

Halloween should be about fun, creativity and time spent with family.  And with our current economic outlook, let’s save some green while we do something good for our planet.

Greenfeet has some great ideas for a Green Halloween including some great homemade costume ideas.

Check out GreenHalloween.org. They are an organization that focuses on “thinking outside the candy box” to make Halloween green!

For more green tips, visit About My Planet for an “Easy Eco-Halloween.”


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