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By Wendy Gabriel

GREEN TIP:  Select organic wines when you are purchasing your next bottle of vino.

If you are an oenophile or a stay-at-home mom who has had enough whine during her day to enhance the pleasure of a glass of wine with dinner, you will help reduce the amount of chemicals entering the groundwater and your body by selecting an organic wine.

A study conducted by the European Pesticide Action Network (PAN) found 100% of conventional wines contained pesticides.  Every single bottle.  In all, 24 different contaminants were found including five classified as being carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic or endocrine-disrupting by the European Union.  Not the antioxidants I had in mind.

There are a number of great organic wine choices.  One of them is the Organic Wine Company, which is a great resource for information and organic wine.  Another is Frey Vineyards, they are America’s oldest organic winery and they don’t add sulfites to their wines.

The herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals sprayed on grapes make wine one of the most intensive agricultural products around. 

Something else to think about while you’re drinking responsibly.

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