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by Wendy Gabriel

One of my number one concerns in my everyday life is the health of my family. I believe that healthy eating is oneEating at the MN State Fair of the best preventive steps we can take to ensure our bodies remain illness free. But how can I pack a healthy meal and send it off filled with disposable paper and plastic wrappings? This scenario isn’t good for my family or the environment. When I’m packing a healthy meal to go, I want the containers to be as good for the health of my family and the environment as possible. And, as I mentioned in a previous Green Tip, we strive to buy reusable products instead of purchasing disposable products that contribute to our waste stream.

Enter Litter Free Lunch.

Litter Free LunchI haven’t done a lot of reviews at My Green Side but when Felice Farran, co-owner of Litter Free Lunch, contacted me I was more than happy to try their products. Primarily because the Litter Free Lunch mission is to provide creative, fun products that help reduce daily waste. Fantastic! 

They kindly sent me a set of their cotton lunch box napkins and a matching reusable sandwich bag. My husband, Christopher, was the guinea pig… and I was more than a little curious to get his reaction. He’s not a huge fan of change and he’s very picky about his food and the presentation of his food. I figured if he liked the Litter Free Lunch products, chances are they’re awesome. The reusable sandwich bag is big and expandable, large enough for a man-sized sandwich but able to accommodate a normal one as well. The cotton napkins are the perfect lunch size and have a tag on them with a spot specifically for writing a child’s name. Well, it was unanimous. I loved them for the ease of use and their eco-friendliness and Christopher loved them because he was getting a lunch every day. He thought they kept his sandwich fresh and enjoyed actually having a napkin while feeling his lunch was not adversely impacting the environment (or our budget). Now when our oldest starts bringing a lunch next fall, I already know where I’m getting her containers, napkins and reusable sandwich bags. Thank you Litter Free Lunch!

Little Free Lunch NapkinsDid you know: A household of four that replaces paper napkins with reusable cloth ones could save $70 per year or more on napkin costs while reducing their waste by up to 40 pounds per year. If every household made this shift, we could prevent 1.5 million tons of paper napkin waste from entering the landfill each year.


Litter Free Lunch will be having a Earth Day promotion starting in April — 15% off code will be EARTH40. It will run April 1 – April 30th, 2010.

Litter Free Lunch also has some great Litter Free Lunch tips for us:

  • Replace brown paper bags with a reusable lunch box or bag.
  • Swear off plastic bags and use stainless steel food containers.
  • Switch from disposable paper napkins to reusable cloth napkins.
  • Give up the habit of disposable water bottles and replace it with a reusable stainless steel water bottle.
  • Skip disposable plastic cutlery and pack a reusable spoons or forks.
  • Save money by avoiding individually wrapped or packaged items like yogurt, cheese, cookies or crackers. Buy larger sizes and pack portions in reusable containers. It’s green and saves green!

Check out Litter Free Lunch online at You can also follow them on Twitter.

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