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by Wendy Gabriel

GREEN TIP: Choose to eat sustainably.

We talked about avoiding genetically modified foods (with a special focus on GE Salmon) last week and the problems with our industrialized and unsustainable food system.

Unsustainable food is dependent on foreign oil, it’s destroying soil, it contaminates water and has caused disease outbreaks; to name just a few of the problems. Choosing not to support the industrial food system is the beginning of sustainable eating.

Growing Concerns:

  • Animal products are increasingly raised purely for profit, without regard to proper stewardship or health.
  • We are monocropping, and the government is subsidizing it.
  • Food is transported and processed using large amounts of non-renewable resources.
  • Food is being genetically modified, cloned, and patented.

Sustainable foods are:

  • real foods that our bodies were designed to eat.
  • healthy for us, the soil, and the animals.
  • do not harm the environment.
  • are humane for both the workers and the animals.
  • provide a fair wage to the farmer without the use of government subsidies.
  • support the local economy instead of large corporations.

Sustainable food is what people ate for thousands of years, up until 20th century.

Here are ten steps to becoming a more mindful eater.

1. Learn to Cook.

Without basic cooking knowledge, none of this is possible. Learning to cook your favorite foods using local ingredients can really make all the difference.

2. Eat Locally.

If you care about delicious food, health eating, proper stewardship of the planet, and supporting your local economy then you must source out local ingredients.

3. Eat Seasonally.

This goes hand-in-hand with eating locally. Eat root vegetables and hearty greens in the fall and winter. Eat salads, fruit, and tomatoes in the summer. Even milk and eggs are more abundant during certain times of the year.

4. Preserve the Harvest.

If you eat locally or seasonally then you’ll have to learn to preserve the harvest. Try canning, dehydrating, freezing, and lacto-fermentation.

5. Grow Something… Anything.

Start with herbs or lettuce. Radishes are really fast and fairly simple. Even if you rent you can create a container garden. Once you catch the gardening bug you will just want to grow more.

6. Give Up Store Bought Convenience Foods and Make Your Own.

You can make your own taco seasoning, yogurt, chicken stock, pesto, granola, tomato sauce… the list goes on and on. If you buy it from the store, do a quick recipe search and try making it at home.

7. Buy Fair-Trade.

When you don’t know your farmer because you’re buying from a foreign country look for the words “Fair-Trade.” TransFair USA ensures that farmers are treated justly and paid fairly for their work.

Eating mindfully may take a bit more effort, but the rewards – for your family and their future – are too big to pass up. Source: Simple Bites

My Green Side’s web pick of the week:

Simple Bites
Simple Bites is a site dedicated to Real Food for the Family Table. You can find practical cooking tips, nourishing recipes, and an encouraging perspective to help the everyday parent provide great food for the family. They’re a group of writers passionate about food, and they want to help you provide the best for your family.

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