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by Wendy Gabriel

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GREEN TIP: Drink tap water. This simple tip will conserve resources, help the environment and save you money.

As stated at The Good Human website, it is a common misconception for many people that bottled water is safer than tap, plastic bottles get recycled, and no harm is being done to the environment in the bottling process.

The Good Human has put together a list of 12 Reasons to Stop Drinking Bottled Water:

  • American tap water is among the safest in the world.
  • As much as 40% of the bottled water sold in the U.S. is just filtered tap water anyway. Be sure to check the label and look for “from a municipal source” or “community water system”, which just means it is tap water.
  • By drinking tap water, you can avoid the fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, and other chemicals that studies have found in bottled water.
  • Tap water costs about $0.002 per gallon compared to the $0.89 to $8.26 per gallon charge for bottled water. If the water we use at home cost what even cheap bottled water costs, our monthly water bills would run $9,000.
  • 88% of empty plastic water bottles in the United States are not recycled. The Container Recycling Institute says that plastic water bottles are disposed of (not recycled) at the rate of 30 million a day.
  • Plastic bottles can leach chemicals into the water if left in the sun, heated up, or reused several times.
  • Production of the plastic (PET or polyethylene) bottles to meet our demand for bottled water takes the equivalent of about 17.6 million barrels of oil (not including transportation costs). That equals the amount of oil required to fuel more than one million vehicles in the U.S. each year. Around the world, bottling water uses about 2.7 million tons of plastic…each year.
  • Bottled water companies mislead communities into giving away their public water in exchange for dangerous jobs.
  • It can take nearly 7 times the amount of water in the bottle to actually make the bottle itself.
  • On a weekly basis, 37,800 18-wheelers are driving around the country delivering water.
  • The EPA sets much more stringent quality standards for tap water than the FDA does for the bottled stuff.
  • One out of 6 people in the world does not have safe drinking water, and about 3,000 children a day die from diseases caught from bad water…that we know of. This while Americans spend about $16 billion a year on bottled water.

Source: The Good Human

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Simplifing your life, one step at a time.

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by Wendy Gabriel

The results are in from our Buck for Charity Drive!

Our Buck for Charity Drive asked you to vote for your two favorite charities Natural worldout of a list of five that we provided, and then asked you to donate $1.00 into a general pool, with the two charities with the highest vote counts splitting the money.

Thank you all who participated

This was a great experience and My Green Side was honored to be involved.

Thank you my amazing readers. You were wonderfully generous and thoughtful!

Huge thanks to the two amazings guys who facilitated this whole party: Adam Shake at Twilight Earth and David Quilty at The Good Human.

Thanks also to all the other writers who participated. It was great working with all of you: The Grass Stain Guru, Lighter Footstep, The Smart Mama, A Little Greener Every Day, Fake Plastic Fish, Allies Answers, and Natural Papa.

The Results

The total amount of donations received is $653.00! This is actually a lot of money considering that we only asked each person to donate $1.00, and the money that you donated will be happily received by Sustainable Harvest with 27% of the votes and Water for People with 24% of the votes!

The runner up’s are:

Environmental Working Group received 21% of the votes

Healthy Child Healthy World received 15% of the votes and

Kiva received 13% of the votes

The environment needs to be saved, and together we can do it. ~Rachelle Strauss

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As writers, we know that part of good stewardship is sharing information, but Save the World!even the most intelligent among us can not make change without DOING something.

So The Good Human & Twilight Earth, along with The Grass Stain Guru, Lighter Footstep, My Green Side, The Smart Mama, A Little Greener Every Day, Fake Plastic Fish, Allies Answers, and Natural Papa have teamed up to carry our message with one united strong voice. The message is that there are great organizations out there which are suffering in this economic downturn through decreased donations…and they need our help! So we have decided to give you, our readers, a voice and a choice. We have decided to take on a very simple fundraising mission, and we are asking you to donate just $1.00.

A single dollar; that’s all.

Who cannot afford a buck even in these times? We know you can spare a dollar to help out our fellow humans!

But how do we all decide which charities to give 100% of all monies raised to? Well, we are going to put it to a vote and let you guys decide. The 10 websites participating have chosen 5 charities for all donors to vote for, and we are going to let you guys choose which two of them will receive the all monies donated.

Our purpose in doing this is three-fold

  • It gives YOU a voice. As loyal readers and stewards of our environment, we want to offer you the opportunity to make a difference without breaking the bank.
  • It gives the two charities with the most votes some much appreciated funds to continue their mission
  • It allows all of us an opportunity to connect as a community of like-minded people working for the common good of ourselves, our families and our planet.

If the community of folks who care about our planet cannot come together to rise up to a challenge, who will? That is why we are asking you for a $1 donation. While $1 may seem insignificant all by itself, by pooling our resources together we really can make a difference in these tough economic times. $1 is less than the price of a candy bar and can usually be found under the seat cushions of your couch. Won’t you help 2 of these charities with your $1 donation? (Now, if you want to give more, please – feel free. We won’t stop you! And by all means, send this to everyone you know so we can raise even more!)

Clicking below will take you to the poll and a Paypal donation link asking you to choose which of the 5 charities your favorite is. We ask that you please donate a dollar to the charity pool if you are going to vote, and know that even if your absolute favorite does not finish first or second, all the money donated will be going to worthwhile causes. If everyone we know who reads our sites, our Twitter feeds, our Facebook sites, etc. donates just $1, imagine the impact we can have as a group. And please, spread the word!

The 5 charities that we’ve selected are Healthy Child Healthy World, Environmental Working Group, Sustainable Harvest, Kiva and Water for People.

Voting is now closed for this campaign. Thanks to all of you who participated!

Times are tough and our collective might can really help them out. The results will be tallied two weeks from today, and we will write another article detailing the amounts and the two charities who garnered the most votes and will be receiving the money collected. It’s only $1, so please donate!

Please take a moment to vote for your favorite and to donate just a single dollar to these charities.

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by Wendy Gabriel

David Quilty
is the founder of The Good Human a website that encourages people to be David Quiltybetter humans through working to clean up the environment, being active in political issues or just being more aware of your life and surroundings. He also writes for EcoTech Daily which is a website dedicated to the latest green technology, gadgets and news.

How do you make your day-to-day life a little greener?

Well, I already live a pretty green life, but there are a few things I want to do down the line, like install solar panels. But right now, I collect rainwater/snow melt off the roof to do any and all watering in the yard; I hang all my laundry outside to dry instead of using a dryer; I mow my lawn with a push reel mower; I only use natural, non-toxic cleaning products inside the house; and I live in a passive-solar house that stays cool in the summer without using air-conditioning at all and warm in the winter with an occasional blast from the radiant floor heat. Also, everything electronic in the house is either unplugged when not in use or plugged into power strips that automatically cut power when the devices are off.

You have a wonderful website, The Good Human, which sports one of my favorite tag lines of all times, “Don’t Blow It… Good Planets Are Hard To Find.” Why did you start your site?

I started the site over three years ago as a place for me to document the changes I wanted to make in my life – living more sustainably, “going green”, getting involved with progressive politics and volunteer opportunities I was interested in. Over time, it has evolved from that into trying to help people live cleaner, greener lives without the fear factor or guilting them into action. It makes me very happy to know that so many have learned so much from the site, and the feedback I get from readers is tremendous!

You’ve recently joined with Adam Shake and Derek Markham of Twilight Earth to combine forces at EcoTechDaily. How is the “move” going and what can we expect from the new EcoTechDaily?

It’s going pretty well so far. We are working hard to get the site up and running like we want it to and we aim to turn it into a central hub for all things “EcoTech” related. So far, so good, and I am so excited to be working with Adam and Derek – they are both great guys who really know their “green”.

Do you have a favorite green tip you could pass on to us?

Keep it simple, that’s the motto I am trying to live by now. All the money in the world won’t make you greener, but making the right choices at the right time sure can. “Going green” doesn’t really have to be a mantra to repeat to oneself – if people just use some common sense, chances are that they will be green without even knowing it. Avoid toxins in your products and your food, don’t litter or pollute, conserve energy whenever you can, do the right thing for the “common human” and you should be alright.

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